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Reviews by Users

Shown below are independent reviews by satisfied users of TouchTax for iOS, Google Android and Web since 2011.  Also see the 2012 review by iPhone J.D.

It is an awesome product. Very easy to use. I use it all the time. November 2020

This is a really nice product. You have done great work. Thanks. November 2020

“This is a very useful app for tax attorneys. Offline access to the Code and Regulations, copy and paste enabled (it was not in the old version) and the ability to export a Section in PDF format. While this data can be found in various free and paid services online, having access to it in an app on your mobile device makes answering tax questions or doing research easier.” – March 2017

“I can’t think of an app, at any price, that is as useful, user friendly and fully functioned. I have used it for quite some time and it has worked perfectly, in every situation.” – March 2016

“I’m able to quickly, conveniently and efficiently have access to the entire Tax Code in the palm of my hand without being tethered to the Internet.” – February 2016

“Your program helped me get an A in my income tax law class for law school! Thank you for such a great quality product!” – via Facebook

“Very useful when I’m on the go and need to look something up real quick and don’t have my computer with me.” – November 2015

“I learned about this nifty app when one of our blog readers brought it to my attention.” – Intaxication Tax Buzz with a Twist blog

“Excellent tax resource. Leave your tax code and regs at home and take this app with you. Good notetaking features and Internal Revenue Bulletin lookup feature is also included.” – BlackBerry App World feedback of October 2012

“This app is perfect for my Tax LLM classes. Thanks to this app, I don’t have to carry my copy of the code and regs to class. I especially like how you can bookmark frequent provisions of the code and regs that you use and can email yourself the sections. Definitely worth the money.” – September 2013

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