TouchTax is an application for tablets, phones and desktop computers that contains all sections of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and the annual edition of the Treasury Regulations.  TouchTax also includes up-to-date versions of the Internal Revenue Bulletins, Revenue Procedures, Revenue Rulings, Actions on Decision and Notices, a full copy of Circular 230, and more.

TouchTax on iPad

To access TouchTax with your desktop browser, click here to open “TouchTax Online.”  An annual subscription (please register here) applies to use TouchTax Online using your desktop browser.


TouchTax is available for download from the Apple App Store (for iOS, including iPad, iPhone and iPod), the Google Play Store (Android tablets and phones), Amazon (Fire tablets), BlackBerry World (Playbook tablets).  A free version of TouchTax (tax code and regulations only) is also available for Windows Phones (click here).

logo-bbTouchTax is updated to contain the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 as updated through October 6, 2017, and the annual 2016 edition of the Treasury Regulations.  Please visit the application store for your type of mobile device to see additional information regarding content dates.  Internal Revenue Bulletins, Revenue Procedures, Revenue Rulings and Notices are updated at least once each month for all mobile devices, at no additional cost.



For an independent review of TouchTax, please see this 2012 review by iPhone J.D. Other users have not been disappointed:

“This app has both the code and regs available for offline access, which is excellent! The code is beautifully formatted for easy reading. Intuitive interface and features. I like being able to bookmark – and it’s easy to use on an iPad. I access this on a daily basis and I couldn’t ask for a better app to work with!” – October 2013

“This app is perfect for my Tax LLM classes. Thanks to this app, I don’t have to carry my copy of the code and regs to class. I especially like how you can bookmark frequent provisions of the code and regs that you use and can email yourself the sections. Definitely worth the money.” – September 2013

“Great app Easy to read, layout is excellent. Plus for the price its a steal. Highly recommended for any tax professional” – March 2013

“Your program helped me get an A in my income tax law class for law school! Thank you for such a great quality product!” – via Facebook

“I purchased this for $150 less than my statutory text. It was awesome, really easy to use and search. A great value for the money.” – June 2012

“I learned about this nifty app when one of our blog readers brought it to my attention.” – Intaxication Tax Buzz with a Twist blog available here

“Excellent tax resource. Leave your tax code and regs at home and take this app with you. Good notetaking features and Internal Revenue Bulletin lookup feature is also included.” – BlackBerry App World feedback of October 2012

“I want to tell you how much I love your app! It makes my job a lot easier.” – June 2013

“It’s been a useful App so far, it was easy to use and affordable. Always up to date, while giving you some advanced features making it easy to read and manage the law.” – webOS Nation feedback of November 2012

“I want to thank you for such a wonderful app.  It works great on my Galaxy Tab 10.1.” – User feedback of January 2013

“This is a superior tool that’s so practical.” – User feedback of December 2012